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China Fuda brick machinery factory(www.fudabrickmachine.com) has 21 years history in manufacturing brick machine with different capacities for sizes of blocks, pavers, cabro, hourids, interlocking bricks and curbstone.

The popular machines are as followed: Automatic block machine, semi automatic block machine, manual block machine, paver making machine, automatic interlocking brick making and interlocking brick machine, block press machine, clay brick machine, lego block machine,

Fuda machinery factory has been exporte more than 70 countries and have good fame in African, South Asian and South America.

Now Fuda machinery launched a new medium sized full automatic hydraulic brick production line, this machine is not big, adopt different block machines advantage, which could produce different hollow blocks, solid block, hourids, cabro, interlocking brick, paving brick...With good quality, but its price is suitable for not very big investment. It is the best choice for many customers.

Choose Yingcheng. Choose Fuda machinery is the wisdom choose, we are your reliable business partner, and our machine is also with reliable quality to make money.

If you have any questions, or need our 2016 new brick machine catalogue or newly quotation list (price list), just feel free to ask us, we are glad to send you.

Serve better, Serve faster and Serve professional is our aim. We hope all the customers will have a good business with our help.

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