Wuxi Longterm Machinery Technologies Co., Ltd.

Longterm Machinery Technologies are leading supplier of complete turnkey solutions for the LPG cylinder production facilities to manufacture all sizes/types of LPG gas cylinders. The whole process from blanking and body forming line, full automatic welding line, heat treatment, full automatic hydrostatic testing line, powder coating and finishing line.

Especially we have the best and automatic welding line from automatic trimming, joggling, valve bung welding, handle and bottom welding to automatic MIG body welding, the whole line involves only 7 workers, but output is 2000PCS per 8hrs.

We have been focused on cylinder welding technology since 30 years ago. During last 30 years, we keep improving our technologies on welding(TIG, MAG, MIG, SAW)and make a lot of improvement from SAW welding to MIG welding on LPG gas cylinder. Our equipment are widely used Aerospace, Petrochemical, Pressure Vessels, etc...We generated big profit by saving cost and improving welding quality on welding for our customers from all over the world, America, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Bangladesh, South Africa, etc...

Besides LPG Gas cylinder production machineries, we have following machineries & production line:

1. Steel drum machineries for whole production line

Automatic longtitudinal seam welding, corrugator, W-ring forming machine, assembly machine, painting booth, etc...

2. CNG production line

CNG gas cylinder forming machine/hot spinning machine

Shot blasting machine, furnace...

3. LNG Tank production line

Automatic sheet rolling & welding line, polishing, burning, vacumming, winding machine, etc.