Cangzhou Longlize International Trade Co., Ltd.

Cangzhou Longlize International Trade Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of guardrail equipment and cold bending equipment. Its main products include: Frame, bracket, slide way, hanging rail, color steel tile press, double-layer tile press, single-layer tile press, 840 / 900 double-layer tile press, 780 large circular arc wall panel tile press, 750 wall panel tile press, 666 corner galloping tile press, 430 corner galloping machine, cold bending roll forming equipment, bending machine, plate shearing machine, leveling machine, leveling machine Door frame machine, trigger and other products, mainly high-speed tile press, automatic double-layer tile press, automatic three-layer tile press, glazed tile press, widely used in real estate, guardrail, energy-saving building materials, container manufacturing and other industries.

To suitable for the development of guardrail and cold bending machinery industry. It provides enclosure equipment and shutter equipment for new and old customers. It has many technical talents and high-quality working team, which can provide perfect after-sales service for customers in time. Can provide customers with special equipment production. "Customer first, quality first" is the business goal of Longlize, and "manufacturing excellence" is the business purpose of Longlize.

Cooperation is the beginning, friends are long. We sincerely welcome friends from home and all over the world to visit our factory and discuss cooperation. We are willing to work with you for mutual benefit and win-win situation and create a better tomorrow together!
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